What Can You Integrate With A Savant Control System?


Explore The Possibilities Of Home Automation With Savant

Home automation has been a prominent and growing trend for modern households over the past several years. Smart home systems allow you to connect your devices and operate them from a single source for added ease and convenience. Having a Savant control system provides users with the option to sync multiple devices and technology, which can make your life a little easier in your Las Vegas, NV home. Take a look at some of the technologies you can integrate with your Savant system.

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Crestron Home Automation Defines Luxury Living


Crestron Enables Homeowners to Manage Luxury Estates Easily and Effortlessly

Since 1972, Crestron has been a global leader in home and business automation technology. Always on the cutting edge, they have shaped the industry for almost 50 years. At Fuzion3, we partner with industry-leading brands, offering our clients only the best in the latest technology.

Let’s look at why homeowners in Laguna Beach, CA, are turning to Crestron home automation to create the smart home of their dreams.

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Bring Music to Every Space in Your Home with a Whole-Home Audio System


Enjoy High-Performance Music and Audio Effortlessly

Music inspires us. It helps us get out of bed in the morning, continue our workouts when we’d rather not, and focus on the task at hand. It’s hard, if not heartbreaking, to imagine a life without music.

You’ll be happy to know that there’s an easy way to integrate high-quality music into your life and throughout every room in your Laguna Beach, CA, home. It’s called whole-home audio.

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The integration of smart home technology adds convenience and unparalleled luxury to your Laguna Beach, CA lifestyle.

As a premier Lutron installer, we understand that the look and feel of your home influence your health, creativity, and perspective every day. Discover below how the design and control of your house’s lighting and environment with Lutron lighting and shades make it a more human-centric, happier, and enjoyable space. Continue reading to learn more.

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Experience the Ultimate in Luxury Living With Crestron Lighting


Crestron Lighting Solutions Are Effortless and Elegant

Crestron has long been known for its customization in the home automation industry. The Crestron lighting system is no different. As with their whole home automation approach, they offer elegant, user-friendly lighting control with limitless personalization. Let’s look at just what this system can do for your home in Beverly Hills, CA.

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Crestron Home Automation Offers Unrivaled Customization and Security


Learn Why Crestron Leads the Pack in Home Automation Systems

Crestron home automation has long been considered the industry standard for luxury estates. Founded in 1972, it charted the course of home solutions that transform the way people live, making life easier and more enjoyable. 

Because of its limitless customizable programming, a smart home in the hands of a knowledgeable Crestron integrator is only limited by one’s imagination. Let’s look at some of the unique features creative homeowners in Corona Del Mar, CA, are bringing to reality with Crestron’s cutting-edge, scalable, and personalized home automation solutions. 

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Fuzion3 Custom Home Project Spotlight: Deep Sea


Dive into the amazing work we did installing a fully integrated Savant smart home for our Newport Beach client

Fuzion3 recently completed a custom home project in sunny Newport Beach, CA, and we’d loved to show it off to you. The home was for a repeat client of ours — someone who’s trusted us with two prior homes and knew that we’d get the job done right this time around too.

Our team loved designing and integrating the technology in this home because it was the perfect project for us to show off our strengths and showcase our best work. We installed a fully integrated Savant smart home, dedicated theater, temperature-controlled wine cellar, outdoor entertainment, downstairs and lighting on this gorgeous property for our client.

Oh, and did we mention this home was featured on A&E TV after completion? Keep reading to learn more about the work we did!

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Is Crestron the Best Home Automation Solution for Large Estates?


With Creston’s Custom Programming, Estate Automation Is Virtually Limitless

As an industry leader who works with all top home automation brands and a Crestron dealer in Las Vegas, NV, we’re often asked which system we recommend. Of course, the answer to that question lies in the needs and expectations of the homeowner. However, for large estate homes and properties with multiple buildings, Crestron is undeniably the best choice in home automation systems.

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Bring Your Vision of Home To Life With Crestron Automation


The Premier Automation System Furnishes You With Limitless Possibilities

Crestron home automation provides the luxury and convenience of a home that responds to your needs and lifestyle. Whether you are enjoying a movie in your home theater or working from home, a smart home from Crestron accommodates.

When you think of the premier name in home technologies, Crestron tops the list. Since its founding in 1971, practically inventing the industry, the company continually creates industry-leading innovations. The fifty years of experience in developing products has resulted in the Crestron Home line. The platform is faster to integrate, powerful and flexible while remaining simple and streamlined.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities Crestron can offer your Las Vegas, NV home? Read below to find out more.

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3 Benefits of Bringing Voice Control Into Your Home


Make Your Technology Work for You

Homeowners in Corona Del Mar, CA, and across the nation have brought smart technology into their homes to make their lives more comfortable and convenient. Voice control systems are taking the market by storm and bringing a whole new level of convenience to homes all over the world.

Did you know that integrating your voice control system with the rest of your smart home technology gives you effortless control over your smart devices? Keep reading to find out three major benefityou’ll experience after bringing the power of voice control to your home.

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Make Your Home Energy-Efficient with a Climate Control System


Curb Wasteful Energy and Reap in the Savings

More than ever, homeowners are aware of their energy consumption and passionate about minimizing their carbon footprint. Not only is reducing energy great for the environment, it’s beneficial to your monthly energy bill, too.

One of the smartest and easiest ways to reduce energy use in your Laguna Beach, CA, home is to install a climate control system. A climate control system does more than make it easier for you to make sure your HVAC system is only working when it needs to be. It learns your daily routines and habits while working simultaneously with your other smart home technology to make your space as energy-efficient as possible. Keep reading to dive into the benefits.

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Partner With A Home Automation Company To Save Energy


Discover how a smart home will reduce your monthly bills and carbon footprint

Are you energy conscious? When is the last time that you monitored your energy usage? An energy-inefficient home can cost you thousands in the long run as you pay for the electricity you don't need. Lower your monthly bills with smart energy solutions. A home automation system makes it easy to monitor and adjust your energy usage proactively. Keep reading to learn more about how working with a home automation company will save you energy in your Beverly Hills, CA, home.

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How A Savant Dealer Can Make Your Life More Luxurious


Lights, Shades, Entertainment, and Security. You Have Complete Control at Your Fingertips.

You interact with your home many times throughout the day. In fact, you do it without even thinking about it. There’s a lot of “up and down” activity that’s required to live harmoniously in your space – from adjusting the lights and window treatments to checking the security system. Even though you appreciate your modern “conveniences,” wouldn’t it be nice to have a more convenient way to control them?

Fuzion3 is a Savant dealer in Las Vegas, NV, that installs a wide range of smart products and Savant home automation systems for homeowners throughout the area. Instead of having to work to enjoy your home, we make your home work for you. Keep reading to see how to have complete one-touch control of all the connected technologies in your home.

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Personalized Smart Home Control with the Savant Pro Remote X2


Savant’s Sleek and Redesigned Remote Takes Smart Living to a New Level

There’s something sleek and smart about using Savant technology in your home. You control the lights, entertainment, shades, and climate all from your tablet or smartphone. And Savant is always working to make meaningful upgrades that improve the user experience. Recently, the company unveiled its newly redesigned remote: Pro Remote X2.

Much like their previous remote, the X2 offers a full range of services at the touch of a button. However, it also includes Siri’s voice control, lighting color control, the ability to select video layouts, and other personalization options. Keep reading to learn how Fuzion3, a leading Savant dealer in Laguna Beach, CA, can help you have smart remote control tailored for your lifestyle.

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Does Your Home Theater Setup Include These 3 Key Components?


Make sure your private home cinema has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing, seamless movie-watching experience

We’re not disputing that a high-quality display screen and sound system are two of the most important elements in your home theater setup, but we encourage you to look beyond AV when it comes to home theater design. Ambient lighting, plush theater seating and automated control amplify the effects of great and audio video in your Laguna Beach, CA, home cinema.

In a custom theater, all components work together to provide a flawless, personalized movie-watching experience for you and your loved ones. With that in mind, don’t forget to include these three essential elements in your theater design and setup.


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3 Simple Steps to Achieving the Perfect Home Theater Setup


With a little planning, your dedicated home theater will be the ideal spot for relaxing and watching movies

No movie-watching experience can compare to the one you’ll get in a private home theater. A home cinema is tailor-made to your specifications, and you have complete control over everything, from the content that’s playing, to the seats you’re sitting in, to the temperature in the room. Plus, staying home in Beverly Hills, CA, and spending time with family and loved ones watching movies adds another layer of comfort and relaxation to your theater environment.

At Fuzion3, we’re here to help you make sure your custom home theater installationis everything you imagined it would be. Keep reading to learn the first 3 steps to take to achieve the perfect setup.

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3 Ways A Climate Control System Will Enhance Your Home


Enjoy increased energy efficiency and comfort with a smart thermostat

California summers can get hot, but there are ways to keep your home fresh. Don't settle for a regular thermostat. A smart climate control system will offer you greater control over your home's temperature while also saving you time and effort. Read our latest blog to learn three reasons that you need a climate control system for your Corona Del Mar home.

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3 Exciting Collaborations That Improve the Savant Experience


Savant’s partnerships with leading brands expand your access to smart technology and improve control over your smart home

Savant is a top-notch system for home automation — the platform is sleek, user-friendly and offers tons of customization features. You can store, access and manage all your smart devices and smart systems in one place and Savant integrates with thousands of third-party manufacturers.

As a company, Savant is continually looking for new ways to improve the end-user experience and provide users access to new and exciting smart technologies. To meet this goal, Savant has fostered cross-collaboration with leading brands in the marketplace.

Fuzion3 is a proud Savant dealer and integrator working in Las Vegas, NV. Keep reading to learn about Savant’s most exciting collaborations and how they can improve your smart home experience.


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2 Reasons You Need Circadian Lighting


Tunable lighting will improve both your physical and mental health

Smart lighting offers a variety of benefits, such as convenience of use and energy savings. There are more benefits that are lesser-known, however. Circadian lighting will improve both your physical and mental health when you adjust the color temperature throughout the day to mimic the pattern of the sun. Read our latest blog to learn two benefits of circadian lighting in your Las Vegas home.

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The 3 Biggest Myths Surrounding Motorized Window Treatments


Let’s clear up the common misconceptions homeowners hear about automated shades

Over the years, motorized window treatments have grown in popularity among homeowners — they are energy-efficient, help control natural light in your home, and look stunning in every room. But despite the value window treatments can add to any home, at Fuzion3 we still meet a lot of homeowners who are on the fence about getting them because of misconceptions they’ve heard. 

If you’re a Laguna Beach, CA, homeowner, keep reading to learn the 3 biggest myths the experts at Fuzion3 hear about motorized shades.

SEE ALSO: Trust a Home Automation Company for Your Installation

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