What Can You Integrate With A Savant Control System?


Explore The Possibilities Of Home Automation With Savant

Home automation has been a prominent and growing trend for modern households over the past several years. Smart home systems allow you to connect your devices and operate them from a single source for added ease and convenience. Having a Savant control system provides users with the option to sync multiple devices and technology, which can make your life a little easier in your Las Vegas, NV home. Take a look at some of the technologies you can integrate with your Savant system.

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Today’s Smart Home Security Systems Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind


Learn About the Combined Power of Home Security Systems and Home Automation

Unfortunately, burglaries and home invasions in Las Vegas, NV, continue to increase. In 2021, burglaries are up 9.4 percent. Downtown, that number has increased by almost 28%. Of course, some of this increase can be attributed to last year, when many residents worked from home, leaving fewer unoccupied homes for burglars to earmark.

Burglaries are often crimes of opportunity. The garage door or a side gate are left open, or maybe a window is left ajar. Any easy entry points make for prime targets. They also tend to target homes that do not have a home security installation and security cameras keeping watch.

At Fuzion3, we partner with industry-leading brands in home security and automation. When combined, they can create a secure home that can deter any unlawful activity and lead to a quick response should the unthinkable occur. Two of these brands are Alarm.com and Savant.

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Fuzion3 Custom Home Project Spotlight: Deep Sea


Dive into the amazing work we did installing a fully integrated Savant smart home for our Newport Beach client

Fuzion3 recently completed a custom home project in sunny Newport Beach, CA, and we’d loved to show it off to you. The home was for a repeat client of ours — someone who’s trusted us with two prior homes and knew that we’d get the job done right this time around too.

Our team loved designing and integrating the technology in this home because it was the perfect project for us to show off our strengths and showcase our best work. We installed a fully integrated Savant smart home, dedicated theater, temperature-controlled wine cellar, outdoor entertainment, downstairs and lighting on this gorgeous property for our client.

Oh, and did we mention this home was featured on A&E TV after completion? Keep reading to learn more about the work we did!

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Bring Your Home to Life with Savant Lighting


Add Vitality and Sophistication with Interfaces and Fixtures That are Simple and Smart

Light is the most powerful of mediums; through it, our entire world, perceptions, and inspiration are created. Human evolution and life itself are reliant on the natural rays of the sun upon us. Electric illumination is no less influential to our daily routines, pulling at us like the moon at the tides.

With Savant lighting controls, you can have a custom lighting scene for every part of your day, indoors and out. Personalize the den for a fun family night or instill a sense of calm in the spa as you work out the weight of the day. Control over a nearly limitless color palette with Savant’s Infinite Color+ furnishes you with the power to match the light to the moment.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Newport Beach, CA home? Read below to find out more.

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Experience Audiophile-Quality Sound With Savant Audio Distribution


The Premier Name In Home Automation Provides Luxury Listening To Your Home

Savant automation is known for its innovative and intuitive smart home control. The operating system is built on making personalization a priority using robust and intuitive platforms like iOS and Android apps, custom-engraved keypads, the Pro Remote X2 and voice control. The control system incorporates thousands of partner products, from lighting and shades to climate control and home entertainment.

From the start, music is central to the Savant home experience, with its power to inspire and motivate you thought the day. Music brings your home to life. Savant’s sophisticated audio solutions bring together modern distribution and control with audiophile-level quality.

Are you ready to make your Laguna Beach, CA home more experiential? Read below to find out more about Savant audio distribution.

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Make Your Home Smarter And Simpler with A Savant System


A Home Automation System Should Work Intuitively To Fit Your Lifestyle 

Technology is an everyday part of our lives, and there are so many products on the market that provide convenience and comfort to your lifestyle. While there are many over-the-counter IoT (Internet of Things) devices available, the offerings lack a way to coordinate the disparate systems. As a Savant dealer, we know there is a better way to meet your lifestyle’s technology needs.

A smart home applies automation programming to create an ecosystem of sensors, controllers, and devices. The interconnected units work together to manage and regulate the home’s operation, from heating and cooling to human-centric lighting, distributed AV, and more.

Are you ready to bring the personalized luxury of Savant to your Beverly Hills, CA home? Then keep reading to learn more. 

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4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Home Automation Company


Discover how to choose an integrator that will give you a stellar installation in Las Vegas, NV

Smart technology has become mainstream in the past several years, and you might be considering upgrading your home to a smart home with connected audio/video, dimmable lighting, climate, smart security and motorized window treatments. A home automation system isn’t something you can easily install on your own. To get the most out of your system and avoid the headaches of an installation gone wrong, it is best for you to partner with a professional integrator to take care of your smart home design. But how do you find an integrator that you can trust? Read on to learn four questions you need to ask when choosing a home automation company in Las Vegas, NV.

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How A Savant Dealer Can Make Your Life More Luxurious


Lights, Shades, Entertainment, and Security. You Have Complete Control at Your Fingertips.

You interact with your home many times throughout the day. In fact, you do it without even thinking about it. There’s a lot of “up and down” activity that’s required to live harmoniously in your space – from adjusting the lights and window treatments to checking the security system. Even though you appreciate your modern “conveniences,” wouldn’t it be nice to have a more convenient way to control them?

Fuzion3 is a Savant dealer in Las Vegas, NV, that installs a wide range of smart products and Savant home automation systems for homeowners throughout the area. Instead of having to work to enjoy your home, we make your home work for you. Keep reading to see how to have complete one-touch control of all the connected technologies in your home.

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Personalized Smart Home Control with the Savant Pro Remote X2


Savant’s Sleek and Redesigned Remote Takes Smart Living to a New Level

There’s something sleek and smart about using Savant technology in your home. You control the lights, entertainment, shades, and climate all from your tablet or smartphone. And Savant is always working to make meaningful upgrades that improve the user experience. Recently, the company unveiled its newly redesigned remote: Pro Remote X2.

Much like their previous remote, the X2 offers a full range of services at the touch of a button. However, it also includes Siri’s voice control, lighting color control, the ability to select video layouts, and other personalization options. Keep reading to learn how Fuzion3, a leading Savant dealer in Laguna Beach, CA, can help you have smart remote control tailored for your lifestyle.

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3 Simple Steps to Achieving the Perfect Home Theater Setup


With a little planning, your dedicated home theater will be the ideal spot for relaxing and watching movies

No movie-watching experience can compare to the one you’ll get in a private home theater. A home cinema is tailor-made to your specifications, and you have complete control over everything, from the content that’s playing, to the seats you’re sitting in, to the temperature in the room. Plus, staying home in Beverly Hills, CA, and spending time with family and loved ones watching movies adds another layer of comfort and relaxation to your theater environment.

At Fuzion3, we’re here to help you make sure your custom home theater installationis everything you imagined it would be. Keep reading to learn the first 3 steps to take to achieve the perfect setup.

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Why Choose a Savant System for Smart Home Automation?


For an unrivaled automated experience, consider Savant home automation with centralized control  

Savant has been a leader in the field of smart home control and home automation since 2005. Most notably, they were the first automation company to embrace mobile technology and a mobile app for home control. A Savant system features a sleek design, easy accessibility and user-friendly control. 

Fuzion3 is a certified Savant dealer in Beverly Hills, CA. We’d love to help you discover how a professionally installed whole-home automation system from Savant can add greater convenience, comfort and luxury to your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn 4 top benefits of choosing Savant.

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