modern living room with automated Lutron shades and two large pieces of artwork depicting skulls


Laguna Beach is well-known for its sun-kissed ocean views and laid-back beachy California vibes, but what if we told you that your stunning property could be even more captivating? Below, you’ll discover how a professional Lutron installer transforms residences into smart home paradises. 

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Brightly lit modern open concept kitchen with ample sunlight and Lutron lighting.


Often overlooked, the lighting in your home influences more than the brightness of a room; it determines the overall comfort, beauty, and health of everyone who lives within it. A well-designed and integrated lighting system adds just the right ambiance for your yoga session and creates the perfect mood throughout the day. 

Lutron lighting brings over 70 years of innovation and creative thinking to the way we live, work, and play. At Fuzion3, we embrace the manufacturer's mission to bring better living through sophisticated fixtures, controls, and a focus on personalization.

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2 Cool Things You Can Do at Home With a Ketra Lighting System


Transform your home and wellbeing with Ketra

Why choose Ketra lighting for your Las Vegas, Nevada home? Ketra by Lutron is one of the most intelligent and intuitive lighting systems on the market. With Ketra, you not only have access to white tunable lighting that mimics the color temperature and intensity of natural light, but also a full-spectrum color palette with over 16.7 million colors.  

Light does more than just illuminate a room so we can see. Read on to learn two cool things you can do at home with a Ketra lighting system.

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Enhance Your Home And Decor With Motorized Blinds


Reduce Energy Costs Without Sacrificing Style and Comfort

The way your home feels and looks are essential factors in your ultimate comfort. Your house is the one place you can feel free to express your true self and be unencumbered by the pressures of the outside world.

A big part of living here in Laguna Beach, CA, is the connection to nature and beautiful views of the surf just beyond the walls. Because of this, we love our windows, allowing ample volumes of natural light into rooms.

While bare windows provide an unfettered view, they leave a room to overheat and give off an unwelcome ambiance. Motorized blinds offer a variety of fashion-forward choices and styles that compliment your aesthetic while protecting interiors and adding to energy savings.

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The integration of smart home technology adds convenience and unparalleled luxury to your Laguna Beach, CA lifestyle.

As a premier Lutron installer, we understand that the look and feel of your home influence your health, creativity, and perspective every day. Discover below how the design and control of your house’s lighting and environment with Lutron lighting and shades make it a more human-centric, happier, and enjoyable space. Continue reading to learn more.

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Experience the Ultimate in Luxury Living With Crestron Lighting


Crestron Lighting Solutions Are Effortless and Elegant

Crestron has long been known for its customization in the home automation industry. The Crestron lighting system is no different. As with their whole home automation approach, they offer elegant, user-friendly lighting control with limitless personalization. Let’s look at just what this system can do for your home in Beverly Hills, CA.

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The Power of Smart Lighting and Shade Control


Installing Lutron’s Motorized Shades and Lighting Makes Homes Beautiful and Smart

Lighting has long been considered one of the critical elements of interior design. It changes the mood and feel of a room, highlights key features, and can mean the difference between a home that feels warm and welcoming or cold and distant.

As a Lutron installer, we’ve witnessed the dynamic changes lighting and shade control can bring to a home environment. Let's look at a few features that make these two systems some of Newport Beach, CA's most popular home automation technologies.

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Bring Your Home to Life with Savant Lighting


Add Vitality and Sophistication with Interfaces and Fixtures That are Simple and Smart

Light is the most powerful of mediums; through it, our entire world, perceptions, and inspiration are created. Human evolution and life itself are reliant on the natural rays of the sun upon us. Electric illumination is no less influential to our daily routines, pulling at us like the moon at the tides.

With Savant lighting controls, you can have a custom lighting scene for every part of your day, indoors and out. Personalize the den for a fun family night or instill a sense of calm in the spa as you work out the weight of the day. Control over a nearly limitless color palette with Savant’s Infinite Color+ furnishes you with the power to match the light to the moment.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Newport Beach, CA home? Read below to find out more.

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Crestron Lighting Control Brings Sophistication and Vitality To Your Home


Create The Perfect Balance With Interfaces That Are Simple And Smart

Light is an influential medium with the power to transform every aspect of your smart home. With a simple gesture, you can create ambiance, set the mood, and be assured your property is safe. All too often, standard lighting controls treat illumination as a way to guide you in the dark; but there so much more it can do for you.

A Crestron lighting control system enables you to create a more personalized experience. Set the scene for dinner, add color and pep to a party, or bring balance and wellness to your day. The light fixtures in your home do not stand alone; as part of the whole-home ecosystem, lighting is tied to your every activity and need. The system you choose should integrate with your Beverly Hills, CA lifestyle, not just the building.

Are you intrigued by what better lighting can do for you? Read below to find out more.

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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Brings the Night to Life


Enhance Your Backyard with Illumination That Adds Atmosphere And Excitement

Outdoor entertaining is one of the great pleasures of homeownership. Gathering friends and family to celebrate milestones, watch the big game, or enjoying the pool after a hard day is better outdoors. 

When we think of backyard barbeques or get-togethers, the first thing that comes to mind is outdoor televisions and distributed audio.  While these elements are important in providing entertainment, outdoor landscape lighting allows you to bring your property to life after dark so that you can enjoy movies, TV, and conversation as long as you want. Lighting is the essential element that extends the use of your yard and instills a sense of wonder.

Are you looking to make more of your Beverly Hills home’s outdoor spaces? Read below to learn more.

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Lighting Control Transforms Your Home And Your Lifestyle


Add to the Aesthetics of Your Home While Maximizing Comfort and Well-Being

Lighting has a way of transforming your home. It can create an ambiance, set the mood, bring balance to your circadian cycles, and keep your property safe. Traditional illumination design often focuses on the functional aspects — like lighting your way in the dark or using lighting to complete a task. At Fuzion3, we see lighting as more than a standalone function; it should work in concert with your other home systems and your lifestyle.

A smart home with lighting control furnishes you with the power to personalize the experience. Automatically have the lights transition through the day to provide you with just the right energy and focus. With the touch of a button, you can bring up light for dinner prep or add some style to the den for a party.

Are you ready to bring your Las Vegas, NV home to life with better lighting? Read more below to get started!

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Bring Your Home to Life With Natural Lighting


Circadian lighting systems can provide better health, energy, and a natural balance to your home.

Lighting is often considered an afterthought, a utility that helps us navigate through the dark and little more. The truth is that lighting has far more power to influence our creativity, mood, and general well-being. Our daily lives are shaped by the cycles of the sun through the seasons.

Research has shown a direct connection between exposure to natural light and healthy sleeping patterns. Circadian rhythms, the series of biological changes our bodies go through over 24 hours, are mostly affected by the wax and wan of sunlight.

Circadian lighting that mimics natural sunlight furnishes your Corona Del Mar, CA, home with illumination that works in a more holistic way.

Curious how better lighting can lead to a happier and healthier home? Read on below.

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Trust A Home Automation Company For Your Installation


Use a professional to install your smart home system in Corona Del Mar

Smart homes have become increasingly popular in the past several years, and you might be considering whether it’s time to upgrade your home. You might also be wondering whether to install your smart home devices yourself instead of hiring a professional. Setting up a smart home is a lot more complicated than one might think, and you might end up wasting both time and money trying to figure it out. Smart homes are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. The easiest way to get the smart home of your dreams is to hire an installation expert. Learn why you should trust a home automation company to install your smart home in Corona Del Mar, CA.

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