Immersive Audio Brings Your Home Theater Setup To Life


Become immersed in the action of your favorite movies with the latest audio technology

Nothing beats enjoying a movie on the big screen, and with a custom home theater, you can have movie night every night of the week. Instead of having to rush to the commercial theater to make a specific showtime, pay for overpriced snacks, and try to get the best seats in the house, you can leisurely stroll down the hallway and play a movie when it is convenient for you. Enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks without paying a fortune, and relax, knowing that every seat is the best seat in the house. Best of all, the latest audio technology brings the immersive experience of a commercial theater into the comfort of your home. Read on to learn about the importance of immersive audio in your Beverly Hills, CA home theater setup.


What Is Immersive Audio?

Before we cover how immersive audio works, we need to establish how movie soundtracks are edited to play on speakers. Audio mixers assign every sound to a speaker, also called a channel, to make the movie seem more lifelike. Initially, most setups only had two speakers, meaning that the audio could not "surround" the listener. In the late seventies, five channels became the new normal, where dialogue comes from the front center speaker while music and ambient sounds come from the side and rear speakers. This was a big step forward as the sound could emulate the feeling of being in the middle of the action

Immersive audio takes this a step further. Instead of assigning each sound to a speaker, they instead treat sounds individually so that it can move throughout the speaker configuration as needed, simulating how it would move in real life. If a car enters the left side of the frame and races to the right, the sound will move from left to right with the vehicle. This advanced technology is compact enough to fit into a residential setting's confines.

The Magic Of Overhead Speakers

A significant advantage of immersive audio over traditional surround sound is the addition of overhead speakers. Instead of sound just coming from around you, it also comes from above to create a sphere of sound. Your surround system transforms into one that is just as good as one in a commercial theater. Advanced mixing and precise calibration create a soundscape that surpasses traditional sound. 

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