The lighting in your smart home does more than light your way; it influences your state of mind, perceptions, and even your family’s overall wellness.

Illumination is often viewed in utilitarian terms, where the function is simply a means to an end. However, advanced and expertly integrated lighting controls give you the power to shape your environment. For example, create some ambiance for dinner, or have the automation system wake you with soft light at the start of the day.

As a provider of automation ecosystems, we see lighting as a vital part of an integrated home. The pieces work in concert, and each component enhances how you live, work, and play - indoors or outside.

Are you intrigued by how personalized lighting benefits you and your Las Vegas, NV, home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Lighting Control Transforms Your Home And Your Lifestyle


Add to the Aesthetics of Your Home While Maximizing Comfort and Well-Being

Lighting has a way of transforming your home. It can create an ambiance, set the mood, bring balance to your circadian cycles, and keep your property safe. Traditional illumination design often focuses on the functional aspects — like lighting your way in the dark or using lighting to complete a task. At Fuzion3, we see lighting as more than a standalone function; it should work in concert with your other home systems and your lifestyle.

A smart home with lighting control furnishes you with the power to personalize the experience. Automatically have the lights transition through the day to provide you with just the right energy and focus. With the touch of a button, you can bring up light for dinner prep or add some style to the den for a party.

Are you ready to bring your Las Vegas, NV home to life with better lighting? Read more below to get started!

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3 Lighting Control Scenes That Will Protect Your Home


Increase your home’s security with lighting control in Newport Beach, CA

There are numerous well-known benefits of lighting control, such as the convenience it adds to your life and the beauty it adds to your home. Did you know that lighting control can also improve your home's security? Protect your property and family with solutions that illuminate your property, deter potential intruders, and allow you to navigate your home safely. Read on to learn three lighting control scenes that will increase your family's safety in Newport Beach, CA.

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2 Hidden Benefits Of Lighting Control


Increase energy efficiency and the safety of your Laguna Beach home

Think about your most used appliance in your home. Chances are, you probably use your light switches daily. A lighting control system allows you to control all the lights in your home from one centralized location, such as your smart device. But the advantages don't just end with convenience. Lighting control allows you to enjoy a variety of benefits. Read our latest blog to learn two lesser-known benefits of a lighting control system in your Laguna Beach home.

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How a Lutron System Makes Lighting Control Effortless and Elegant


With features like customizable control and wireless installation options, Lutron has a lighting solution to fit every home 

Lutron is a powerhouse and industry-leading brand in the world of lighting control and motorized shades. The company offers multiple lighting systems ranging from a single room to the whole home, and each one comes equipped with several control options — everything from in-wall keypads to wireless remotes. 

Lutron continues to dominate in the lighting field because they make smart lighting feel effortless and look stunning in any home. We recommend Lutron for several reasons if you’re a homeowner in Beverly Hills, CA, and looking to get started with smart home lighting. Keep reading to learn some of our favorite features of Lutron systems.  

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