What Can Control4 Control and How Does It Make Your Home Smart?


Control4 Can Control Just About Every Electronic Device In Your Home

When asked what a Control4 smart home in Corona Del Mar, CA controls, it’s usually easier to respond with what it doesn’t control. There’s a reason why Control4 is one of the highest-rated brands in home technology and home automation. In addition to its friendly and easy-to-use interface, it works with tens of thousands of brands and products that you use in your home. That means that no matter what type of device or manufacturer you prefer, Control4 can control and manage them.

Let’s explore what that looks like in an automated smart home in Corona Del Mar, CA.

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Control From One Interface

Worldwide, there are over 258 million smart homes. By 2023, that number is expected to surpass 350 million. One of the reasons this technology is gaining users so rapidly is the ease of use.

Depending on your preference, you can control your devices from a smartphone, touchscreen, keypad, and tablet. From one user interface, you can control every electronic device in your home.

You can also program specific events into the home automation system. For instance, if you enjoy regular get-togethers with family and friends, you can set up the system to create the perfect ambiance with just one touch of the button—indoor and outdoor lighting, music, and temperature adjust for the occasion.

Lights, Camera, Action

One of the best features in a Control4 smart home is the subsystems that communicate and work seamlessly together. For example, when you’re ready for movie night, one touch of a button can dim the lights, lower the shades, adjust the thermostat, and set up the audio-video system to start the movie.

Your smart home also prepares you for rising in the morning and falling asleep at night. Through programmed automation or voice command, the lights turn off, and the shades and thermostat lower when it’s time for bed. Then, your home wakes up before you do, adjusting the temperature, opening up the shades, turning on the kitchen lights, and playing your favorite tunes or the morning news.

Safety and Security

With your home security system linked to your home automation system, you have instant access and immediate notification when something happens at home. If someone gains access, you can receive information through text messaging instead of waiting for a security system to notify you. The system will also link your security cameras to your smartphone, allowing you to see what’s happening in real-time and react accordingly. In addition, from one device, you’ll be able to arm and disarm sensors.

When it’s time to take a vacation or business trip, your smart home travels with you. In other words, should you have a dog sitter staying with your best friend while you’re away, you’ll be able to keep tabs on the home front. For example, if the garage door is accidentally left open or the windows are left ajar in the master bedroom, you’ll know.

Why Choose Fuzion3?

At Fuzion3, we take the time to listen and discuss your options. We ascertain your needs and expectations and suggest the solutions that will do the most to enhance your lifestyle. Not everyone wants a fully automated home. Some clients prefer automating the motorized window shades and lights. Other outdoor enthusiasts ask us to design and integrate an outdoor movie theater, the sprinkler systems, the swimming pool and spa, and the electronic door locks.

Each of our home automation installations is customized and unique to each client. The possibilities truly are endless. Call Fuzion3 to discuss your needs today.

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