Discover How Luxury Home Automation Transforms Your Home and Life

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The Pinnacle of Luxury Living Defined

Some people define luxury living as enjoying the finer things in life, like a beautiful home with the best entertainment, lighting, and comfort. An oasis-like space that helps you relax at day’s end. It may also mean exotic vacations, dining at Michelin-star restaurants, and spending weekends at a vacation home. For others, it’s simply enjoying a sense of freedom, the ability to spend their time as they choose.

There’s one luxury item, however, that you may be missing out on. Luxury home automation transforms everyday living, creating the perfect setting for life’s precious moments. It adds a level of elegance and convenience like nothing else can.

Let’s look at how it’s transforming homes in Newport Beach, CA.


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Let's discuss how a professional home automation company can elevate your Newport Beach, CA, living space. Modern technology innovations offer convenience and energy efficiency, improved security, and a more connected lifestyle. 

The range of automation options is incredible, from smart lights to home security systems. Keep reading to explore the must-have automation technologies that can transform your home into a modern, efficient, and comfortable haven.

Lutron Shades Add Style, Security, & Energy Savings to Your Home


Discover How Sophisticated Window Treatments Transform Your Rooms & Lifestyle

Window Treatments provide the finishing touch to a room, imparting elegance, ambiance, and style. A home without them is not complete, their absence making it look barren, unfinished, and unwelcoming. 

Lutron Shades, especially motorized shades, are more than fashion; they add benefits along with beauty. When used as part of smart home automation, they make your spaces more livable, lower your energy costs, and give you a sense of privacy. Automated window coverings help you maximize the use of daylighting and assure you a good night’s sleep. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Newport Beach, CA home? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

Control4 Automation Makes Your Home More Intuitive


Discover How the Premier Smart Home Solution Blends Luxury With Convenience 

The way you interact with the systems in your home goes a long way in determining your comfort and satisfaction within its walls. When you add smart home technology to your Laguna Beach, CA, house, you want it from a premier manufacturer and renowned integrator. 

Control4 automation is more than a disparate set of boxes scattered throughout your home; instead, it is a complete ecosystem focused on satisfying your needs and desires. The company, recognized for its innovation, insight, and reliability, starts with the idea that a system should not be the focus of your home but complement it.

Are you ready to experience what it is like to live in a home that balances better living with intuitive control? Continue reading below to discover more.




Light is powerful magic in our lives; it has the power to transform your home with the flick of a switch or touch of a button. The fixtures and interfaces help create the perfect ambiance and set the mood, and lighting is a vital component of a healthier house. 

Crestron lighting control furnishes you with light that enhances the way you live. Crestron’s products and platforms generate an environment that accommodates your needs and desires. A professionally designed and integrated system intuitively transitions with you and the cycles of the sun for a better quality of indoor living.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Laguna Beach, CA home? Then continue reading below to discover more. 




Watching a movie in an expertly designed and calibrated private cinema goes beyond simply viewing; it is an experiential moment. The construction of a room, shape, size, materials used for decor all plays fundamental roles. These factors determine the quality of the sound and vision you experience and the thrill you get just by walking into it. 

The early movie houses understood that the decor, lighting, architecture, and materials often impact your senses as much, if not more, than the content. Whether you prefer the style of 1920s glamour or take a more modern minimalist approach, having the luxury of comfort and convenience is essential. You have an individual aesthetic and vision, so your preferences and needs for seating are also unique.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities custom seating brings to a home theater installation in your Newport Beach, CA smart home? Then continue reading below to discover more. 

Bring Your Home to Life with Savant Lighting


Add Vitality and Sophistication with Interfaces and Fixtures That are Simple and Smart

Light is the most powerful of mediums; through it, our entire world, perceptions, and inspiration are created. Human evolution and life itself are reliant on the natural rays of the sun upon us. Electric illumination is no less influential to our daily routines, pulling at us like the moon at the tides.

With Savant lighting controls, you can have a custom lighting scene for every part of your day, indoors and out. Personalize the den for a fun family night or instill a sense of calm in the spa as you work out the weight of the day. Control over a nearly limitless color palette with Savant’s Infinite Color+ furnishes you with the power to match the light to the moment.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Newport Beach, CA home? Read below to find out more.

Crestron Lighting Control Brings Sophistication and Vitality To Your Home


Create The Perfect Balance With Interfaces That Are Simple And Smart

Light is an influential medium with the power to transform every aspect of your smart home. With a simple gesture, you can create ambiance, set the mood, and be assured your property is safe. All too often, standard lighting controls treat illumination as a way to guide you in the dark; but there so much more it can do for you.

A Crestron lighting control system enables you to create a more personalized experience. Set the scene for dinner, add color and pep to a party, or bring balance and wellness to your day. The light fixtures in your home do not stand alone; as part of the whole-home ecosystem, lighting is tied to your every activity and need. The system you choose should integrate with your Beverly Hills, CA lifestyle, not just the building.

Are you intrigued by what better lighting can do for you? Read below to find out more.

Make Your Home Smarter And Simpler with A Savant System


A Home Automation System Should Work Intuitively To Fit Your Lifestyle 

Technology is an everyday part of our lives, and there are so many products on the market that provide convenience and comfort to your lifestyle. While there are many over-the-counter IoT (Internet of Things) devices available, the offerings lack a way to coordinate the disparate systems. As a Savant dealer, we know there is a better way to meet your lifestyle’s technology needs.

A smart home applies automation programming to create an ecosystem of sensors, controllers, and devices. The interconnected units work together to manage and regulate the home’s operation, from heating and cooling to human-centric lighting, distributed AV, and more.

Are you ready to bring the personalized luxury of Savant to your Beverly Hills, CA home? Then keep reading to learn more. 

Lighting Control Transforms Your Home And Your Lifestyle


Add to the Aesthetics of Your Home While Maximizing Comfort and Well-Being

Lighting has a way of transforming your home. It can create an ambiance, set the mood, bring balance to your circadian cycles, and keep your property safe. Traditional illumination design often focuses on the functional aspects — like lighting your way in the dark or using lighting to complete a task. At Fuzion3, we see lighting as more than a standalone function; it should work in concert with your other home systems and your lifestyle.

A smart home with lighting control furnishes you with the power to personalize the experience. Automatically have the lights transition through the day to provide you with just the right energy and focus. With the touch of a button, you can bring up light for dinner prep or add some style to the den for a party.

Are you ready to bring your Las Vegas, NV home to life with better lighting? Read more below to get started!




Your luxury home is a place of solace where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A home security system can provide peace of mind by ensuring you are alerted to potential dangers.

From monitoring your property’s perimeters and managing access, to maintaining your home’s critical infrastructure, a home security installation for your Laguna Beach, CA, house can do it all.  Whether you are in the bedroom or halfway around the world, you can keep an eye on property, people, and possessions.

Bring Your Home to Life With Natural Lighting


Circadian lighting systems can provide better health, energy, and a natural balance to your home.

Lighting is often considered an afterthought, a utility that helps us navigate through the dark and little more. The truth is that lighting has far more power to influence our creativity, mood, and general well-being. Our daily lives are shaped by the cycles of the sun through the seasons.

Research has shown a direct connection between exposure to natural light and healthy sleeping patterns. Circadian rhythms, the series of biological changes our bodies go through over 24 hours, are mostly affected by the wax and wan of sunlight.

Circadian lighting that mimics natural sunlight furnishes your Corona Del Mar, CA, home with illumination that works in a more holistic way.

Curious how better lighting can lead to a happier and healthier home? Read on below.

How A Savant Dealer Can Make Your Life More Luxurious


Lights, Shades, Entertainment, and Security. You Have Complete Control at Your Fingertips.

You interact with your home many times throughout the day. In fact, you do it without even thinking about it. There’s a lot of “up and down” activity that’s required to live harmoniously in your space – from adjusting the lights and window treatments to checking the security system. Even though you appreciate your modern “conveniences,” wouldn’t it be nice to have a more convenient way to control them?

Fuzion3 is a Savant dealer in Las Vegas, NV, that installs a wide range of smart products and Savant home automation systems for homeowners throughout the area. Instead of having to work to enjoy your home, we make your home work for you. Keep reading to see how to have complete one-touch control of all the connected technologies in your home.

3 Key Features Of A Climate Control System


Enjoy the customization and control of a smart thermostat in Las Vegas, NV

The climate of your home is a crucial contributor to your comfort. If a room is too cold or too hot, you will be unable to wind down and relax after a long workday. Imagine effortlessly adjusting the temperature in your home from the convenience of the smart device of your choosing. Your smart thermostat offers a variety of customization options for you to take advantage of. Read on to learn three key features that your climate control system in Las Vegas, NV, has to offer.




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