Prevent Porch Piracy This Holiday Season with Home Security Installation

a person viewing surveillance footage with a man standing in red clothes holding a package.

Keep your packages safe from theft with home surveillance

With the holiday season upon us, online shopping will reach new heights. But when you’re not home, your packages are left on the porch by the delivery person. Unfortunately, that gives room for petty thieves to claim your packages for themselves! According to a study by Finder, Americans lost about $5.4 billion from package theft in 2021. 

If you don’t want to surrender your packages to porch pirates, adding home security solutions will help. Out of all other features, surveillance cameras have shown a considerable reduction in such crimes. 

Read on to discover how you can prevent package theft in your Las Vegas, NV, residence with home security installation. 

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Keep Your Home and Family Safe with Today’s Smart Security System

 A person at work seeing their children arrive home on their smartphone through their front door security camera.

Advanced Home Security Installation Provides Proactive Measures to Prevent Tragedy and Mishaps

Home security systems have changed dramatically from the days of loud, blaring alarms and cameras that revealed large, green blobs when darkness came. Today’s security systems are smart and offer crystal-clear images, giving homeowners unprecedented peace of mind. Let's explore what a smart home security installation offers families in Laguna Beach, CA. 

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Today’s Smart Home Security Systems Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind


Learn About the Combined Power of Home Security Systems and Home Automation

Unfortunately, burglaries and home invasions in Las Vegas, NV, continue to increase. In 2021, burglaries are up 9.4 percent. Downtown, that number has increased by almost 28%. Of course, some of this increase can be attributed to last year, when many residents worked from home, leaving fewer unoccupied homes for burglars to earmark.

Burglaries are often crimes of opportunity. The garage door or a side gate are left open, or maybe a window is left ajar. Any easy entry points make for prime targets. They also tend to target homes that do not have a home security installation and security cameras keeping watch.

At Fuzion3, we partner with industry-leading brands in home security and automation. When combined, they can create a secure home that can deter any unlawful activity and lead to a quick response should the unthinkable occur. Two of these brands are Alarm.com and Savant.

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3 Ways To Make Your Home Security Installation Smarter


Smart integrations and remote access offer more comprehensive benefits

Home security systems protect both your property and family from potential harm and deter criminals from targeting you. The sense of security and comfort is only amplified when you partner with a home automation company to install a smart security system in your home. Enjoy remote access to all your home's critical systems and receive alerts when something is amiss. Keep reading to learn how your home security installation will integrate seamlessly with your smart home system in Corona del Mar, CA.

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Your luxury home is a place of solace where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A home security system can provide peace of mind by ensuring you are alerted to potential dangers.

From monitoring your property’s perimeters and managing access, to maintaining your home’s critical infrastructure, a home security installation for your Laguna Beach, CA, house can do it all.  Whether you are in the bedroom or halfway around the world, you can keep an eye on property, people, and possessions.

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3 Reasons You Need A Professional Home Security Installation


Protect your home in Las Vegas, NV, with a professionally installed security system

Now that you are spending more time at home than ever before, it is vital that you feel safe there. A regular home security system doesn't cut it anymore. A smart security system installed by a professional is the best way to protect yourself and your family. Read on to learn three reasons you need a professional home security installation in Las Vegas, NV.

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2 Benefits Of A Smart Home Security Installation


How confident are you in your home security system? A smart security system will protect your home from potential harm by acting as a deterrent and offering peace of mind. When you add remote access solutions to the equation, you will have complete control of your property no matter where you are in the world. Read our latest blog to learn two benefits of a smart home security installation.

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