Ensure Corner-to-Corner Internet Coverage With an Upgraded Home Network Installation


Updating Your Home Network Enables Seamless Connectivity While Securing Data and Equipment

Your home network is made up of the many devices that connect to the internet and each other. In a smart home, that number is significant. In 2020, homes averaged about 10 connected devices. In 2021, that number is expected to reach 50.

So, how do you ensure adequate internet coverage for these devices? Wired and wireless connectivity is usually the answer for homes that utilize streaming services, whole-home audio, and demand coverage throughout a home and into surrounding outdoor areas. Let's look at a few of the issues homeowners encounter when a home network becomes saturated and how you know it’s time for an upgraded home network installation in your Beverly Hills, CA home.

You'll notice lags, slow downloads, and dead zones. You may be walking out into the yard and an important phone call drops or start a video conference only to find significant interference. Fortunately, our certified technicians can take some simple steps to ensure corner-to-corner coverage and a secure network.



Enjoy online gaming, stream more movies, and keep your data secure with high-speed networking

Your smart home offers benefits that can make you happier, healthier, and free to live the lifestyle you desire. Whether you are streaming ultra-high-definition movies, grooving to the music on your multi-room audio system, or adjusting the motorized shades, all of it likely lives on your home network.

The WiFi transceivers, routers, switches and Ethernet cables are essential parts of your home's ecosystem. However, if your network falters, the convenience of instant access to content and control becomes troublesome. 

A superior home network installation accommodates high-bandwidth streams and the ability to segment living areas from the home office, keeping your private information safe.

Are you looking to upgrade your Laguna Beach, CA home with flexibility, security, and faster speeds? Continue reading to find out how our expert IT installers exceed expectations.

Get Wi-Fi 6 With A Home Network Installation


Enjoy a faster and more reliable connection in your Newport Beach, CA home

Your home network is the backbone of your smart home. More devices than ever rely on an internet connection to function. As you telecommute to work, stream 4K video, and more, you must have a network design that can support high-bandwidth activities. It might be time to invest in a more robust home networking solution to prevent a lagging or unreliable connection. Discover why you should upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 in your next home network installation.




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