3 Lutron Motorized Shades That Revitalize Your Rooms

Lutron Sivoia QS motorized shades installed in a kitchen window

Transform your home with Palladiom, Sivoia, and Serena Shades by Lutron

Combine the latest home technology with window treatments, and what do you get? The modern functionality and beautiful form of motorized shades! Motorized window treatments have become a staple in many luxury homes. They offer simplified control and beautify any space. 

Lutron, in particular, offers premium smart shading systems for luxury homeowners, and there are many models to choose from. You can make your residential space more convenient and comfortable - any way you want it! Read on to discover the perfect Lutron motorized shades for your home in Beverly Hills, CA. 

Enhance Your Home And Decor With Motorized Blinds


Reduce Energy Costs Without Sacrificing Style and Comfort

The way your home feels and looks are essential factors in your ultimate comfort. Your house is the one place you can feel free to express your true self and be unencumbered by the pressures of the outside world.

A big part of living here in Laguna Beach, CA, is the connection to nature and beautiful views of the surf just beyond the walls. Because of this, we love our windows, allowing ample volumes of natural light into rooms.

While bare windows provide an unfettered view, they leave a room to overheat and give off an unwelcome ambiance. Motorized blinds offer a variety of fashion-forward choices and styles that compliment your aesthetic while protecting interiors and adding to energy savings.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Continue reading to discover how you can have beauty and benefit.

What You Need to Know About Installing A Home Surround Sound Setup


Enhance Your Audio Experience In Your Private Cinema

A speaker system is essential for any home entertainment system as audio quality is as important to the experience as the video quality. Television, home theatre, and stereo systems all require high-quality audio systems with a clear and crisp sound. A surround sound system requires a setup that provides a 360-degree immersive sound experience. You should know some important things before you invest in and install a home surround sound setup in Las Vegas, NV.


Selecting A Surround Sound System

Choosing the right sound system is important for optimizing your audio experience, and it requires the professional to meet with you to gauge your needs. The sound system depends on the size of the room as well as the ways you plan on using the system—just for movies, to listen to music, or to watch your favorite sports team.

Surround Sound System Layouts

There are different sound system layouts for surround sound depending on the quality and depth you require from your system. Below are the standard layouts for the surround sound systems we install, with each include additional in-ceiling speakers to experience truly 3-dimensional Dolby Atmos sound.

5.1 Surround Sound

This is the most basic format used for DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming. The setup has five speakers located in the front left, center, and right with rear left and right surround sound systems. This system is easy to incorporate as it is not overly complicated and does not require a lot of space.

Continue reading

A Savant Climate Control System Brings Ease of Living to Your Home


Control the Climate of Your Home From Anywhere in the World

Climate and lighting control are two standard home automation systems that people incorporate into their budding smart home. While there are many smart thermostats on the market, few can compare to the Savant Multistat.

Savant has been known as the premier smart home system for over 15 years and the leader in personalization for luxury homes. Let’s look at how this brand has transformed the climate control system and what it can do for your Las Vegas, NV home.

3 Reasons You Need A Professional Home Security Installation


Protect your home in Las Vegas, NV, with a professionally installed security system

Now that you are spending more time at home than ever before, it is vital that you feel safe there. A regular home security system doesn't cut it anymore. A smart security system installed by a professional is the best way to protect yourself and your family. Read on to learn three reasons you need a professional home security installation in Las Vegas, NV.

3 Ways A Climate Control System Will Enhance Your Home


Enjoy increased energy efficiency and comfort with a smart thermostat

California summers can get hot, but there are ways to keep your home fresh. Don't settle for a regular thermostat. A smart climate control system will offer you greater control over your home's temperature while also saving you time and effort. Read our latest blog to learn three reasons that you need a climate control system for your Corona Del Mar home.

2 Benefits Of A Smart Home Security Installation


How confident are you in your home security system? A smart security system will protect your home from potential harm by acting as a deterrent and offering peace of mind. When you add remote access solutions to the equation, you will have complete control of your property no matter where you are in the world. Read our latest blog to learn two benefits of a smart home security installation.

2 Reasons You Need Circadian Lighting


Tunable lighting will improve both your physical and mental health

Smart lighting offers a variety of benefits, such as convenience of use and energy savings. There are more benefits that are lesser-known, however. Circadian lighting will improve both your physical and mental health when you adjust the color temperature throughout the day to mimic the pattern of the sun. Read our latest blog to learn two benefits of circadian lighting in your Las Vegas home.

How a Lutron System Makes Lighting Control Effortless and Elegant


With features like customizable control and wireless installation options, Lutron has a lighting solution to fit every home 

Lutron is a powerhouse and industry-leading brand in the world of lighting control and motorized shades. The company offers multiple lighting systems ranging from a single room to the whole home, and each one comes equipped with several control options — everything from in-wall keypads to wireless remotes. 

Lutron continues to dominate in the lighting field because they make smart lighting feel effortless and look stunning in any home. We recommend Lutron for several reasons if you’re a homeowner in Beverly Hills, CA, and looking to get started with smart home lighting. Keep reading to learn some of our favorite features of Lutron systems.  

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The 3 Biggest Myths Surrounding Motorized Window Treatments


Let’s clear up the common misconceptions homeowners hear about automated shades

Over the years, motorized window treatments have grown in popularity among homeowners — they are energy-efficient, help control natural light in your home, and look stunning in every room. But despite the value window treatments can add to any home, at Fuzion3 we still meet a lot of homeowners who are on the fence about getting them because of misconceptions they’ve heard. 

If you’re a Laguna Beach, CA, homeowner, keep reading to learn the 3 biggest myths the experts at Fuzion3 hear about motorized shades.

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