Elevating Your Home with Professional Lutron Installers

A living room with open Lutron motorized shades and windows overlooking the ocean.

Experience Seamless Smart Living 

Smart living goes beyond gadgets; it's about creating a harmonious environment where technology seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle. Laguna Beach, CA, residents seeking a cutting-edge smart home turn to professional Lutron installers to orchestrate an immersive and effortless living experience. Explore how these experts play a pivotal role in shaping seamless smart living.

Is Control4 the Best Automation Solution for Your Las Vegas Home?

Control4 smart home can be operated from a tablet.

Seamless Integration and Centralized Control That Adjusts to Your Lifestyle

In Las Vegas, NV, stylish homeowners always search for the next great thing—a modern solution to enhance their daily lives. With a recent wave of smart device launches, the challenge has become how to bring these gadgets together for easy and seamless operation. Why would you want to deal with a carousel of apps and interfaces when you can combine them all under one smart umbrella?

Imagine you had a single solution capable of controlling every smart feature in your home: an integrated platform for a single source of operation. For those searching for this simplified lifestyle, Control4 smart home automation is the choice for you.

Continue reading to uncover how Control4 can boost your home's smart capabilities by adjusting to your preferences and lifestyle.

Why Homeowners Need Creston Home Automation


Enjoy a life of luxury and comfort with Creston home automation

Smart technology is increasingly being integrated into homes to make the lives of homeowners easier, more comfortable, and more luxurious. Besides creating the perfect ambiance and comfort for every activity, smart home automation can make your home a more secure and energy-efficient space. Creston home automation, in particular, offers many intelligent features. Read on to find why it is the perfect solution for smart homes in Newport Beach, CA, and beyond.

What Can You Integrate With A Savant Control System?


Explore The Possibilities Of Home Automation With Savant

Home automation has been a prominent and growing trend for modern households over the past several years. Smart home systems allow you to connect your devices and operate them from a single source for added ease and convenience. Having a Savant control system provides users with the option to sync multiple devices and technology, which can make your life a little easier in your Las Vegas, NV home. Take a look at some of the technologies you can integrate with your Savant system.




The lighting in your smart home does more than light your way; it influences your state of mind, perceptions, and even your family’s overall wellness.

Illumination is often viewed in utilitarian terms, where the function is simply a means to an end. However, advanced and expertly integrated lighting controls give you the power to shape your environment. For example, create some ambiance for dinner, or have the automation system wake you with soft light at the start of the day.

As a provider of automation ecosystems, we see lighting as a vital part of an integrated home. The pieces work in concert, and each component enhances how you live, work, and play - indoors or outside.

Are you intrigued by how personalized lighting benefits you and your Las Vegas, NV, home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

3 Benefits of Bringing Voice Control Into Your Home


Make Your Technology Work for You

Homeowners in Corona Del Mar, CA, and across the nation have brought smart technology into their homes to make their lives more comfortable and convenient. Voice control systems are taking the market by storm and bringing a whole new level of convenience to homes all over the world.

Did you know that integrating your voice control system with the rest of your smart home technology gives you effortless control over your smart devices? Keep reading to find out three major benefityou’ll experience after bringing the power of voice control to your home.

How A Savant Dealer Can Make Your Life More Luxurious


Lights, Shades, Entertainment, and Security. You Have Complete Control at Your Fingertips.

You interact with your home many times throughout the day. In fact, you do it without even thinking about it. There’s a lot of “up and down” activity that’s required to live harmoniously in your space – from adjusting the lights and window treatments to checking the security system. Even though you appreciate your modern “conveniences,” wouldn’t it be nice to have a more convenient way to control them?

Fuzion3 is a Savant dealer in Las Vegas, NV, that installs a wide range of smart products and Savant home automation systems for homeowners throughout the area. Instead of having to work to enjoy your home, we make your home work for you. Keep reading to see how to have complete one-touch control of all the connected technologies in your home.

Personalized Smart Home Control with the Savant Pro Remote X2


Savant’s Sleek and Redesigned Remote Takes Smart Living to a New Level

There’s something sleek and smart about using Savant technology in your home. You control the lights, entertainment, shades, and climate all from your tablet or smartphone. And Savant is always working to make meaningful upgrades that improve the user experience. Recently, the company unveiled its newly redesigned remote: Pro Remote X2.

Much like their previous remote, the X2 offers a full range of services at the touch of a button. However, it also includes Siri’s voice control, lighting color control, the ability to select video layouts, and other personalization options. Keep reading to learn how Fuzion3, a leading Savant dealer in Laguna Beach, CA, can help you have smart remote control tailored for your lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Putting Circadian Lighting In Your Home


Learn How Smart Lights Help You Get in Sync with Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

Do you wake up refreshed every morning? Is it easy for you to drift off to sleep in the evening? If you answer “no” to either of those questions, one possible problem may be your lights. The type of lights in your home have a significant impact on your sleep-wake cycle, called your circadian rhythm. It’s an important biological function that helps regulate your brain wave activity, body temperature, and sleep pattern.

Instead of having several cups of coffee to jumpstart your day or counting sheep in bed while trying to fall asleep, there’s a better solution. By installing circadian lighting in your Beverly Hills, CA, home, you’ll start your day refreshed and fall asleep peacefully. Read more to learn about the benefits of human-centric circadian lights.


Experience the Thrill of an Outdoor Speaker System


Premium Speakers Create an Immersive Sound Experience in Your Own Backyard

Everybody loves a good party. Whether it’s a pool party, a big bash in your backyard, or a tailgate party on your patio, it’s not complete without a good audio system. And we’re not talking about a few speakers hanging on the walls or an indoor speaker you dragged outside for music. In order to throw a party that is a real blast, you need a premium outdoor speaker system in your Las Vegas, NV, home.

Hi-fi speakers that are properly placed will transform your backyard into party central. They also create the perfect atmosphere for small get-togethers or private time as you enjoy the pleasant weather. Read more to see why an outdoor sound system is a perfect choice for your home.

4 Smart Reasons to Get a Smart Water System


Discover Why a Water Purifier Is Good for Your Health, the Environment, and Your Wallet

Make wellness a way of life by installing smart water systems at your home in Newport Beach, CA. It’s a smart choice for anyone who wants clean, filtered, and good-tasting water. You may ask yourself, “But why should I have a purifier when I can simply get water from the tap?” Good question! The answer might surprise you.

Even though regular drinking water is filtered before entering your home, it is not as pure as purified water. In fact, it could contain contaminants like chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and even mercury. A study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that drinking water provided to 85% of our country’s population contained 316 contaminants. Read more for four reasons a water purifier is good for your health and home.


Why Choose a Savant System for Smart Home Automation?


For an unrivaled automated experience, consider Savant home automation with centralized control  

Savant has been a leader in the field of smart home control and home automation since 2005. Most notably, they were the first automation company to embrace mobile technology and a mobile app for home control. A Savant system features a sleek design, easy accessibility and user-friendly control. 

Fuzion3 is a certified Savant dealer in Beverly Hills, CA. We’d love to help you discover how a professionally installed whole-home automation system from Savant can add greater convenience, comfort and luxury to your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn 4 top benefits of choosing Savant.




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