Ensure Corner-to-Corner Internet Coverage With an Upgraded Home Network Installation


Updating Your Home Network Enables Seamless Connectivity While Securing Data and Equipment

Your home network is made up of the many devices that connect to the internet and each other. In a smart home, that number is significant. In 2020, homes averaged about 10 connected devices. In 2021, that number is expected to reach 50.

So, how do you ensure adequate internet coverage for these devices? Wired and wireless connectivity is usually the answer for homes that utilize streaming services, whole-home audio, and demand coverage throughout a home and into surrounding outdoor areas. Let's look at a few of the issues homeowners encounter when a home network becomes saturated and how you know it’s time for an upgraded home network installation in your Beverly Hills, CA home.

You'll notice lags, slow downloads, and dead zones. You may be walking out into the yard and an important phone call drops or start a video conference only to find significant interference. Fortunately, our certified technicians can take some simple steps to ensure corner-to-corner coverage and a secure network.

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Horizon Keypads Elevate Crestron Lighting Control


Stylish wall keypads make it easy to control every fixture in your home

Crestron home automation provides unprecedented management of all your home’s technology, whether you prefer to use a smart device, tablet, or stylish wall keypads. Crestron offers Horizon Keypads that elevate the ambiance of your space while also bringing reliable performance. Configure every keypad to your unique preferences. Read our blog to learn how Horizon Keypads from Crestron lighting control will add style and function to your space in Newport Beach, CA.

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The dream of a contactless, voice interface for computers and automation systems has long been a mainstay of futurists and science fiction writers. Those fantasies are now a reality. Finally, your smart home can now have the ultimate voice-controlled home automation with Josh.ai.

The fact is proof-of-concept systems such as the infamous Bell Labs 'Shoebox' were built in the 1960s. The device recognized a specific male voice using a precisely spoken set of numbers 0-9 and a few mathematical commands. Today, voice control products are nearly ubiquitous, yet they still suffer from poor recognition of all but distinctly pronounced words.

The Josh.ai system is built differently, combining the ease of use and simple installation of consumer systems with their natural voice commands and an extensive list of luxury brand support. Continue reading to learn how you can bring your Las Vegas, NV home into the 21st century.

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Lutron Lighting Spotlight: The Carnation Project


Explore the breathtaking custom integration project we completed in Corona Del Mar, CA

We believe that your home should be your sanctuary. It is easy to see how this might be achieved when you look at this stunning family residence with idyllic harbor views. Named the Carnation Project, Fuzion 3 worked with the homeowner to create a custom integration project with technology that responds intuitively to the touch of a button. This installation featured Lutron lighting, Savant home automation, Sonos audio products, and Samsung displays, and was featured on the A&E Channel. Read on to learn about our favorite parts of the Carnation Project in Corona Del Mar, CA.

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