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4 Smart Reasons to Get a Smart Water System


Discover Why a Water Purifier Is Good for Your Health, the Environment, and Your Wallet

Make wellness a way of life by installing smart water systems at your home in Newport Beach, CA. It’s a smart choice for anyone who wants clean, filtered, and good-tasting water. You may ask yourself, “But why should I have a purifier when I can simply get water from the tap?” Good question! The answer might surprise you.

Even though regular drinking water is filtered before entering your home, it is not as pure as purified water. In fact, it could contain contaminants like chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and even mercury. A study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that drinking water provided to 85% of our country’s population contained 316 contaminants. Read more for four reasons a water purifier is good for your health and home.


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3 Exciting Collaborations That Improve the Savant Experience


Savant’s partnerships with leading brands expand your access to smart technology and improve control over your smart home

Savant is a top-notch system for home automation — the platform is sleek, user-friendly and offers tons of customization features. You can store, access and manage all your smart devices and smart systems in one place and Savant integrates with thousands of third-party manufacturers.

As a company, Savant is continually looking for new ways to improve the end-user experience and provide users access to new and exciting smart technologies. To meet this goal, Savant has fostered cross-collaboration with leading brands in the marketplace.

Fuzion3 is a proud Savant dealer and integrator working in Las Vegas, NV. Keep reading to learn about Savant’s most exciting collaborations and how they can improve your smart home experience.


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Avoid Making These Home Theater Mistakes


Ensure that your display, surround sound setup, and control systems are top-notch in Beverly Hills

Your home theater is your oasis. It gives you the experience of a commercial theater without the inconvenience of crowds and expensive snacks. Because you spend so much time there, it is crucial that your home theater installation goes smoothly. Read our latest blog to learn three mistakes you need to avoid when completing a home theater and surround sound setup in Beverly Hills, CA.

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Is A Media Room Or Home Theater Installation Right For You?


Learn which home media setup is the right fit for your Laguna Beach home

Streaming is at an all-time high while people are spending more time at home, and you are likely binging more shows than ever. As you use your audio video system more often, it might be time to evaluate whether you are due for an upgrade. But what update is the right fit for your family? Read our latest blog to learn whether a media room or home theater installation is a better fit for your Laguna Beach home.

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