2 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Home with Ketra Lighting

Ketra lighting fixtures installed in the kitchen area of a luxury home.

Improve the wellness in your home with Ketra’s human-centric lights

Having a lighting system at home is a necessity. We need light to see in the dark and perform everyday tasks. But that’s not all it has to offer. 

With the right lighting system, you can do much more than the conventional uses. In modern homes, you need more advanced solutions. And Ketra has the perfect lighting options for your luxury homes. It is one of the leading brands offering human-centric lighting as well. 

Read on to learn the top two reasons your home in Laguna Beach, CA, needs Ketra lighting.

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What Is It Like To Work With A Home Automation Company?

Ketra lighting fixtures installed in the kitchen area of a luxury home.

Learn more about the solutions a professional integrator will bring to your space

A smart home system makes everyday life easier through reliable solutions that add comfort, convenience, and luxury to your lifestyle. As a trusted smart home company in California and Nevada, Fuzion3 is here to help our clients with every smart home installation and upgrade they might need. 

Discover why you should work with a professional home automation company on your smart home installation in Beverly Hills, CA.

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Add More Comfort to Your Home with Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments installed in a bedroom for a blackout effect.

Shade automation offers hassle-free control, convenience, and luxury to your living space

Are you tired of your window shades? Maybe, at one point, they were attractive. But now, they do very little to elevate the ambiance of your home. In addition, you have to manually control them - raising and lowering them at different times throughout the day. Instead of settling for shabby shades and manual control, why not upgrade your home and your life with motorized window treatments

Besides offering unmatched aesthetics and seamless control, there are countless other advantages of having motorized shades. Read on to discover all the benefits of installing a smart shading system in your home in Las Vegas, NV. 

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Top Features of Outdoor Entertainment

A modern, white home with an expansive patio, a pool in the foreground, as well as green grass and lawn chairs.

Make your home more enjoyable for the entire family by taking the entertainment outdoors

What’s a luxury home without a pool, a patio for entertaining, a beautiful lawn, or all of the above? An opulent lifestyle centers around entertainment. As you may already realize, home technologies like 4K TVs, whole-home audio, automated lighting, and motorized shades do wonders to elevate your entire experience. But are you forgetting something? What about your outdoor spaces?

Outdoor AV not only adds an extra living space so you can take the fun outside, but it also lets you spend more time in the fresh air and enjoy all the things you love inside - and more! Read on to learn three of the top outdoor entertainment features for your smart home in Newport Beach, CA.

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