September 2014
Williams Residence

The Customer had an existing room for storage that they wanted to use for a theater room, but was not sure how that could be created. Fuzion3 scheduled a meeting with Mr. Williams and began to create an interior layout on how the theater could be accomplished. The final outcome was that the Williams family was enjoying a new theater experience with lighting controls, a unique sound system and an overall WOW factor for their theater room. Mr. Williams said, “It was amazing to see how or storage space was easily converted to a theater room that my whole family now enjoys”.


August 2014
Smith Residence

Knowing that the Smith family had a covered patio they wanted to enjoy more, Fuzion3 designed and produced an outside “mini theater” room, equipped with a 55” LED television, speakers and created a simple pre-wire installation that was seamless for the location. Now the Smith family is finding themselves out on the patio more than ever. “I can’t believe it was that easy to install and that it took very little time to do”, said Mr. Smith.


July 2014
Handover Residence

The client wanted a fully automated system that would control audio/visual, lighting, shades, HVAC and a security system with the touch of a button. Fuzion3 installed a Savant system as the core control system for the whole house. Now the client is able to not only use the system at home, but also why they are away by use of their mobile phone or tablet. Mr. Handover stated, “Technology is crazy today. The fact that we can control our home anywhere is amazing”.


June 2014
Vildosola Residence

Mr. Vildosola contacted Fuzion3 and expressed how unhappy he was with his existing A/V Company. When we arrived, our team noticed that most of the present system was a real mess and the system was not on the latest software. Fuzion3 basically cleaned up the system, corrected faulty wiring and installed added dimmers where needed, plus the latest Control4 software update. “I’m glad that I contacted Fuzion3, and would recommend them to everyone I know. Now my family can begin to enjoy our system”, Mr. Vildosola said.



June 2014